WE BUILD 2017: Service Learning and Volunteer Program

Be a global citizen!! Join us for our Summer 2017 Volunteer's program in Bangalore, India. 










The Gandhi Way – Engaging Children and Youth in Global Citizenship

GCSD engages children and youth to look at Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work as to how one can relate it today’s lives. Through our programs as detailed below, we encourage global citizenship.

Malhaar 2013: Sports and Environmental Festival 2013

Global Citizens for Sustainable Development, in partnership with Living Hope Children’s Home and Kingston High School successfully organized MALHAAR 2013, the fourth annual three-week festival that unites youth in Bangalore through sports and environmental leadership. The theme of this years’ festival was Conscious Consumption, which probed students to consider the social and environmental impact of products they consume.

Watch the video of Malhaar 2013:


Youth Agenda in the United Nations

Watch the TV interview held in Nairobi, Kenya in April 2013 by the Kenya Television Network (KTN) of the Director of GCSD, John Anugraha along with his colleague representing the Youth Advisory Board of UN-Habitat talking on youth agenda in the United Nations. This interview was held while the 24th Governing Council of the UN-Habitat was in session at the United Nations office in Nairobi. 


Sports day in Rural Bangalore

VEDIKE Inter-School Sports Day

On August 1st 2011, Global Citizens for Sustainable Development conducted its first Inter-School Sports day at the VEDIKE campus in rural Bangalore that was attended by about 100 children from surrounding villages.

Raise the Roof 2011


DATES: 26th MAY - 4th JUNE 2011

REGISTRATION OPEN FOR ANY INDIVIDUAL WILLING TO VOLUNTEER (Age limit - Above 18 years). For  Registration, please fill the form below.

Study Programs

Global Citizens for Sustainable Development is currently involved and engaged in running several Study Abroad / Study Programs in India for both local/national and International colleges/universities.  These Study  Programs are mutually beneficial to both Indian and International students who learn in a cross-cultural environment.

Cross-Cultural Dialogue



GCSD through its bilateral and multilateral FORUMS creates a platform for cross-cultural dialogue and action working towards a responsible, plural and harmonious society.

These FORUMS recognizes that YOUTH both as key agents and target groups have a unique and vital contribution in promoting a new paradigm of cultural diversity, cross-cultural dialogue and sustainable development.

Overall Objectivies of the bilateral/multilateral FORUMS:

  • To Promote respective countries' Cultural and Historical Pluralism.
  • To enhance cross-cultural dialogue and exchange of knowledge and shared values of different cultures.
  • To create a society of “Citizens of the Earth”: a well-informed and committed young people with a clear vision about the intercultural understanding in a world where local and global issues are intertwined.
  • To foster peace initiatives, consolidating democracy, good governance and sustainable living for bridging gaps
  • To put forward alternative perspective on key issues affecting the Environment , IT, Education, Cultural process within respective countries.

GCSD acknowledges the generous support of Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation (FPH) and guidance by the Advisory Board Member of GCSD, Mr. Gustavo Marin who have been instrumental along with its sister concerned NGO, VEDIKE (India) and several key partners in India and Internationally to help us launch the following programs:

1. China-India Forum

China-India Forum is a joint initiative of Global Citizens for Sustainable Development and Center For Cross-Cultural Studies, Peking University, China

Please read Page 71 from the booklet about the China-India Forum a youth-led development project recognized by the 4th World Youth Congress held in Canada in August 2008. 


2. Japan-India Forum

Japan-India Forum is a joint initiative of Global Citizens for Sustainable Development and J.F.Oberlin University, Japan. 


3. Korea-India Forum

Korea-India Forum is a joint initiative of Global Citizens for Sustainable Development and MIZY Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchanges, South Korea 

Read the report of the Korea-India Forum 2011 

4. Sri Lanka-India Forum

Sri Lanka India Forum is a joint initiative of Global Citizens for Sustainable Development and Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organization, Sri Lanka.


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