Giving Back with GCSD

Global Citizens for Sustainable Development is eager to partner with interested companies and organizations to give back to the rural Bangalore community.  Whether through participating in social outreach program with a work team or by making a financial contribution, there are many ways for companies to work with GCSD to make positive change and give back to society.



Social Outreach Program

GCSD has an extensive history of facilitating group programs for corporate and academic groups in rural Bangalore in collaboration with its sister organization Vedike.

These mutually beneficial programs provide participating groups opportunities to gain new perspectives and grow as a team in addition to giving back to rural communities and Vedike Eco-Residential School

GCSD staff work closely with interested groups to customize programs to meet both the needs of the participating group and the host community.  Program activities may include construction work (plastering or building toilets or homes; project type depends on duration of program), interaction with children (through art, practicing English, etc.), small-scale agricultural activities (which feeds the children at Vedike), and vocational training activities with local community members.

Click here to find photos from a GCSD Social Outreach Program for a group from Yahoo! India Private Limited.

Financial Contribution

For individuals or groups interested in contributing to create good in society through a financial contribution, Global Citizens for Sustainable Development and Vedike Eco-Residential School are also eager to assist. We rely on the generosity of our supporters—both community members and groups—to work toward a better future for our local and global community through educational programming, the maintenance and growth of our facilities, and more.  Both general contributions and contributions for a specific cause or purpose are welcome.  

For more information on GCSD Social Outreach Programs or to plan one for your team or organization, or on how to contribute (time, money, materials) contact GCSD Executive Director, Anugraha John at ajohn316@globalcitizens.org.in