About Us

Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (GCSD) is a registered not-for-profit and non-governmental-organization based in Bangalore, India.

GSCD MISSION: To engage and empower children, youth, men and women to sustain communities, cultures and societies while promoting improvement in their social, economic and environmental conditions through the notion of human responsibilities.

GCSD creates platform for children, youth, men and women motivated to bring a positive change at a personal, social and ecological level in their individual environment and their respective society for the progress of humanity. GCSD creates a platform for youth, children and adults for creativity, innovation and compassion to transform the society. GCSD believes that every individual has a capacity to change his/her attitude and behavior. Everyone has the possibility to contribute in their individual capacity for creating a responsible, sustainable and united world. GCSD through all its activities will foster moral and spiritual values regardless of caste, color, religion or gender and promote secular human values.


The Objectives of GCSD are:

1. To develop and implement educational, cultural and economic programs to empower under-privileged sections of society, such as women, youth, and the urban and rural poor, in order to enhance their social, economic and cultural well being.

2. To develop health programs that reaches under-accessed communities and advocate for equality in access to healthcare for these populations.

3. To provide educational assistance to deserving children in slums and rural areas and organize programs for overall development of children in need.

4. To promote all manner of cultural activities that will serve to enrich the lives of people in rural and urban areas.

5. To promote Cross-Cultural understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures of the world and with focus on Indian life and culture through educational excursions and volunteer work.

6. To create a society of “Global Citizens”. A well-informed and committed group of young people with a clear vision about intercultural understanding in a world where local and global issues are intertwined and the notion of “Think Global, Act Local” is promoted through various activities.

7. To foster peace initiatives, good governance and sustainable living for bridging gaps.

Global Citizens for Sustainable Development work focuses on the following areas of social intervention:

Youth Leadership and Youth Empowerment: Capacity building for children and youth from around the world, credit and volunteer programs for students from Peking University (China), Oberlin University in Japan, University at Albany (USA), St. Josephs College (India) and many others.

Peace and culture: Building civil society capacities towards inter-community harmony. For example, working with peace committees in communally sensitive areas; promoting inter-religious understanding and harmony; organizing cultural festivals around the theme of peaceful coexistence with society and nature; providing platform for people from around the world to meet and learn from each other and so on.

Ecology: Advocacy on environmental issues in the country and the region, dealing particularly with Climate Change. Some examples include the looming global water crisis, restoration of water-bodies, roof top rain water harvesting, and water conservation. Organic farming and vermi-composting, are part of this advocacy, as well as promoting organic farming among local farmers.

Development: Working with farmers, women and youth on issues of ecological agriculture, health, hygiene, economic and food security; responding to the crisis of HIV-AIDS; and so on.

International workshops and networking on civil society issues: GCSD has organized workshops, film festivals in different parts of US and Asia on themes such as, Climate Change, Water, Youth and World Governance, etc. GCSD also helps to network organizations through the World Youth Water Alliance, Asian Youth Climate Network, and Asian Citizens Alliance.

GCSD International Projects

World Youth Water Alliance 

China-India Forum 

Japan-India Forum 

China-India-Japan Forum

Asian Forum for Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Asian Youth Assembly

Asian Citizens Assembly