Internship Opportunities at Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (GCSD) for the year 2015.


1. Three months Internship Program (1st January – 31st March 2015)

Deadline: 30th November 2014

2. Six months Internship Program (1st January – 30th June 2014)

Deadline: 30th November 2014

3. SUMMER INTERNSHIP Program (1st June - 15th August 2015)

Deadline: 15th April 2015

Accommodation will be provided.

Location: Bangalore, India

During the internship, the Interns will be involved with the following projects:

1. Vedike Eco-residential School and Global Living and Learning Center - Doing research on the migrant workers and their children in Bangalore, green buildings, green technology to be used on the campus and other details of the program. Teaching children and helping develop programs at the Global Living and Learning Centre like the Vocational Education and Livelihood Centre, etc.

2. Global Citizenship Leadership Training Program: Working with a team of experts to create a Leadership Training Program module.

3. Global Citizens Service: Volunteer led program working in rural villages outside of Bangalore on the theme of Education and Sanitation.

4. Preparation of the Summer and Winter Session programs of GCSD

Summer Internship includes projects mentioned above and....

5. Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2015

6. WE BUILD 2015

7. VEDIKE Sports Day

Qualifications required:

1. Applicants should have good writing skills as most of these skills will be used for documentation and publications to be produced of the programs to be held during their internships.

2. Applicants should be either studying or should be a recent university graduate interested in Indian culture, global citizenship, social development work and cross-cultural dialogue

3. Applicants must be computer literate (email/internet, web page, lay-out/design, etc) and proficient in English.

Conditions of service

1. Interns/Volunteers will serve for specific period of three/six months and two and half months in summer as mentioned above.

2. Travel costs will not be provided. The applicants will have to cover their travel to and from their country of origin. Interns/Volunteers will have to travel to India on a tourist visa and it is mandatory that the intern has a valid International Health Insurance during the internship period.

3. We will provide free lodging and cover all expenses in the line of work (domestic travel, stationery etc).

4. He/She must fulfill his/her duties and abide by the rules and regulations of the program.

5. Interns are expected to work full-time and to carry out the duties assigned to them. Personal travels during the internship period, especially weekends is discouraged. If the intern wants to travel he/she is requested to make plans before or after the internship period.

6. It is imperative that the candidate must be able to work independently (under supervision).

Procedure for applying, Applicants should submit the following documentation:

1. A completed, dated and signed GCSD Internship or Volunteer Application Form

2. An updated Curriculum Vitae

3. A scanned copy of the passport with at least 6 months validity.

4. An endorsement/referral Letter from Professors/Dean of the college/university

5. OPTIONAL (Any written sample of research work, abstract of academic papers or an essay 3-10 pages maximum).

How to Apply?

Please address your applications to the Executive Director, Mr. John Anugraha. Email address: with the SUBJECT: Internship / Volunteer

Please send all the documentations as mentioned above enclosed with the application form as scanned documents either in PDF format or as WORD attachments.