Raise the Roof 2011


DATES: 26th MAY - 4th JUNE 2011

REGISTRATION OPEN FOR ANY INDIVIDUAL WILLING TO VOLUNTEER (Age limit - Above 18 years). For  Registration, please fill the form below.

About Raise the Roof 2011

We believe that young people around the world are the biggest resource for positive change, that people genuinely care about things bigger than themselves and are looking for a chance to take action. At GCSD we aim to connect those good intentions from all over the world with needy recipients.

So we're super excited to announce 'Raise the Roof'; an event to deliver housing, community services and renewable energy infrastructure to rural Bangalore, supported by a benefit concert in Perth, Australia. Thanks to the Organizer: Hayley-Jane Ayres, the concert  is scheduled for Friday May 20th, from 7pm at  The Bakery, ARTRAGE complex, 233 George Street Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia.

The 'Raise the Roof' concert has been organized late May to raise funds and publicize global issues such as rural poverty, environmental degradation and climate change. Our hope is that the concert will be a perfect example of how goodwill can transcend any national, political or religious boundaries, and a celebration of the direct ways empowered young people can take action to improve the lives of people in extreme poverty.

After the concert, the real fun begins as an international team of 'Raise the Roof' volunteers will spend ten days in the village Mallasandra, building new housing, repairing existing houses and installing new infrastructure and services.

The building phase will commence 26th May and run until 4th June, if you're in Bangalore and interested in attending we'd love to hear from you!

If you have any further queries send us an email at marcus@globalcitizens.org.in

Learn more about the program:

Why a House?: Housing is a universal human need, for many in rural India the house is the most significant investment they'll ever make, and the inability to afford durable, liveable housing that can withstand weather events is the supreme anxiety. In GCSD's experience providing stable housing is one of the simplest most effective ways to support an individual's efforts to lift themselves and their family out of poverty. In terms of making a far reaching positive change to quality of life, the house is a foundation on which everything else is built.

For Whom?: Any aid project, no matter how small has the potential to change the dynamics of a family, a social network and a community, and no matter how good the intentions, these changes are not always immediately clear and not always good. Before selecting a beneficiary of a build program GCSD works to build relationships in a community. We engage in dialogue with as many stakeholders, community leaders, neighbours, friends, relatives, women men and children as possible, so we can make an informed decision on the most appropriate recipient that stands to gain the most and is best able to cope with any potential changes.

Apart from the fact that we like her – our beneficiary Kanthamma was chosen as her family owns the land her house is built on (no issues with the local land mafia), as well as having a strong social and family network, she's well regarded in the community and respected as being hard working and honest. A stable, liveable house complete with light and a safe means to prepare food would be a hugely significant improvement in her and her family's quality of life, we're very happy with our choice!

What percentage of funds raised will be retained by GCSD? Zero. GCSD is a small organization primarily driven by an international network of volunteers. We have no big overheads, no marketing budget and all administrative costs are being covered by us. We're using volunteers and one local mason for construction. 100% of the money raised is going straight on Kanthammas's house, solar lantern and oven, and to pay the mason. If we raise more money than we need it'll go towards more solar lanterns for the community or on repairs for other houses in the village.