Eco-School + GCLC

VEDIKE Eco-Residential School and Global Citizens' Learning Center is a joint initiative of Global Citizens for Sustainable Development and Alas para Todos.

The Mission 

To transform the lives of the underprivileged children, engage in ecologically responsible activities and develop the community through sustainable acts

The Vision

Our vision includes:
• A residence for 120 children
• 'Green School' catering for 400 students
• A central kitchen/dining/study facility
• Small scale agriculture activities including; livestock (cows), bio intensive mini farming, organic kitchen    garden and orchards integrated into the site, providing resources and educational opportunities.
• Active and passive play/recreation spaces.
• Global Living and Learning Centre; including Vocational Education/Livelihood Training Center for the local    community, conference facilities, accommodation facilities for outside groups, volunteers, staff and workers.
• An outdoor amphitheatre for community performances

The Core Principles:

  • Locally replicable models of sustainable community development, incorporating practical solutions for self sufficiency, 

  • Theoretical and hands on training in sustainable environmental management and the rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems, 

  • The empowerment of indigenous peoples, honoring ethnic diversity and traditional ways of life, 

  • Gender awareness and the empowerment of women,

  • Rural capacity building, specifically with traditionally disempowered groups,  

  • Practical techniques for sustainable waste management, 

  • Small scale renewable solutions to food and water security.  

  • Celebrating the world's great cultural, spiritual and artistic diversity. 

  •  Acknowledging global issues and supporting practical local actions in areas of common human responsibilities that transcend national boundaries.   

  • Creating new intercultural, inter-generational and inter-sectoral partnerships to build a common mandate for positive change.

The Global Citizens' Learning Center will form the base for volunteers working in the Green School and the surrounding villages, fostering mutually beneficial linkages with the local community.  The conference facilities and educational programs are intended to generate an income to assist in the operational costs of the Green School.   

For more information about this project, check the website: (website is under construction) or download the PDF document: Vedike Eco Residential School