Social Outreach Programs

Social Outreach Program

A lot of times the urban schools and colleges is not able to cater to a practical learning atmosphere for children and youth. These children and youth are well versed with their theories but unfortunately not sure about the realities or have less or no practical experience with nature, ideas and platform to practise and understand concepts learnt in their classrooms, work in rural communites, understand about agricultural practices, or simply fun and adventure through hiking on a hill.

In association with the Vedike Eco-Residential School and Global Living and Learning Center, we organize specially designed Social Outreach Programs and camps for children and youth (minimum 5, maximum 150 participants) that caters to these needs.

Usually, when we have groups for 1 day program or 2-7 days program at VEDIKE, we engage them with five major activities:

1. Agricultural related work
2. Construction relation work
3. Vocational, Educational and Livelihood program - Women Empowerment Programs
4. Teaching and facilitating workshop for children
5. Camping and Hiking


















If you are interested to bring a group for any such activities, please write to

If you want to rent a tent for your own camping needs, you can pick a tent of your choice from our city office in North Bangalore. Please send an email for further details to

Your 3 choices for tents are:

Tent 1










Tent 2










Tent 3