You(th), Us & Development

You(th), Us and Development

The world is in need of social reform now more than ever. The youth of today have a growing responsibility to tend to, being the generation that is going to inherit the largest stock piles of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, the generation which has to find a way to tackle the unprecedented levels of starvation. Further, this is the generation that must seek a solution to the problems of ethnic violence and other civil conflicts. And all this, at a point in time when the world has never held as many people as it does now.

The youth can make a difference. This has been greatly exemplified in the recent past with some revolutionary movements which would not have had the impact that they did, but for the youth. For instance, in 2008  the world witnessed history in the making through Obama’s Youth Movement. Studies suggest that while running for president, the 44th American President, Barack Obama’s campaign highly depended on the youth vote. Therefore, it is safe to conclude, that radical change and youth participation are directly proportional to each other.

More recently, the Anti-Corruption Movement initiated by Anna Hazare to push the government to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill was supported to a large extent by the youth of India’s educated middle class. News reports suggest that many young people from all over India took leave from their workplace and travelled long distances to join the peaceful protests of Anna Hazare.

Even though this need is being recognized, people (the youth and others) are apprehensive about taking up careers of social activism because of unstable financial returns and futures. With families to think about and mouths to feed, most people seek out stable jobs which will guarantee a secure financial future. Therefore in many cases, talented and driven young people opt for jobs that have high paying salaries by lack the mental and emotional satisfaction to drive their spirit.

Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized figure in the development of education, creativity and innovation said, "I meet all kinds of people who don't enjoy what they do. They simply go through their lives getting on with it. They get no great pleasure from what they do. They endure it, rather than enjoy it, and wait for the weekend, But I also meet people who love what they do and couldn't imagine doing anything else. If you said to them, “Don't do this anymore,” they'd wonder what you were talking about. Because it isn't what they do, its who they are."


There is not enough exposure for students to learn about the opportunities available in social activism and civil movements. To volunteer is a privilege that young people can afford. It is a system that helps bring about change effectively. Unlike business, IT, software, advertising firms etc, social reform organizations do not possess the resources and the base to run placement camps to recruit students for internships, volunteer programs and jobs straight from colleges. Therefore there is a gap between students looking for creditable opportunities and organizations who are looking for determined young minds to work with.

Through YOU(th), Us and Development, Global Citizens for Sustainable Development hopes to create a platform for the youth of Bangalore to be rightfully placed in internships and jobs that best suits their needs. Under this program, a bi-annual Job Fair is scheduled to take place from Jan 18 to Jan 25, 2012 in different colleges around Bangalore city and on August 16 and 17, 2012 during the Global Citizens Youth Assembly

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The  six themes under which the Jobs are being categorized are as follows -

1. Environmental Sustainability

Global Warming is a present day topic that once upon a time, people never took seriously. But with the rising temperature, a threat to our lives, Global Warming has made people conscious about it their day to day activities. Environmental Sustainability is a difficult task to achieve as it is we ourselves who are responsible for this chaos. But the fight to achieve environmental stability should never stop.

2. Educate to Empower

Not every parent in a society such as ours understands the need for an education. With a growing population, access to a decent education has become more and more difficult to achieve. People in villages and slums are affected the most. Education is an Antidote to Poverty.  Therefore, we must fight the injustices that stand in a child’s way to an Education.

3. Leadership and Empowerment

The youth and women are two sectors of society that were once oppressed for many reasons. But today, their importance is being recognized in various fields. The upliftment of women and youth empowerment are causes that will help mould our world into a better place.

4. Adequate Housing

Improper housing facilities in villages as well as city areas lead to a lot of problems such as bad sanitation, lack of hygiene, exposure to various diseases etc. The creation and growth of slums in cities not only affect the people who dwell in them, but also those around them. Housing in cities and rural areas is an important issue that needs to be addressed.

5. Community Development and Livelihood

Unemployment due to either lack of jobs or skill is one of biggest reasons for poverty. And with poverty comes so many other problems. A way of tackling this is by dispensing certain skills so that it may enable the affected people them to employ themselves. In addition, the development of schools, nursing homes etc play an important role in developing communities.

6. Health

Factors such as inadequate housing and poverty effect the health of people. Basic infrastructure for hospitals are lacking in rural areas. This leads to people dying of conditions that can be cured through modern medicine. Therefore it is important to make health care and medicine accessible to everyone irrespective of their position in society.


Role of  Global Citizens for Sustainable Development


  • GCSD will create a link between the young people of Bangalore and the NGOs, research institutes, training centers etc. Through the database that GCSD has created, the youth will have access to basic placement information of various NGOs in Bangalore City and vice versa.


  • GCSD will be responsible for conducting bi-annual job fairs, once in the premises of colleges around Bangalore City in Jan 2012 and once during the Global Citizens Youth Assembly in August (for more details visit These fairs may be attended by students of the colleges that have signed up to participate in the job fair.


Role of participating Colleges


  • The students of the participating college will have access to the bi-annual job fairs conducted by GCSD as well as the database of NGOs in Bangalore City.


  • The College will be given the opportunity to partner in the Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2012 therefore giving staff a chance to evaluate programs (for eg., ‘Bangalore MDG Champions’ etc) at the Assembly. In addition, students with potential will be given the opportunity to facilitate workshops at the Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2012.


  • Students of the participating college can sign up for special opportunities with GCSD among which are jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities in India and abroad.


  • The staff and students of the college can participate in the various cross-culture forums that take place throughout the year. In these forums, a group of young people in different fields from countries like China, Japan, Sri-Lanka, South Korea etc dialogue with their counterparts in India. These forums take place either in India or abroad, depending on which country is hosting the forum.


  • The staff and students will also have access to VEDIKE weekends. On one weekend of every month, GCSD organizes outdoor camps on the campus of VEDIKE Eco-Residential School and Global Living and Learning Centre. This weekend at VEDIKE in rural Bangalore involves activities like planting tree saplings, organic farming, hiking etc. (For more details please contact


*(optional) The College can provide a space on the campus of the college for the job fair to take place. This could be on a special day allotted for the fair alone or a day on which a college activity (for eg., the college fest) is due to take place.


Role of participating Organizations

(Organizations such as NGOs, Corporate Training Institutes, Research centers etc)


  • The organization can represent itself at the bi-annual job fairs conducted by GCSD. If for any reason the organization cannot represent itself at the fair, a slot will be allotted to showcase the organization’s material.


  • The organization will be given access to the youth database which will provide the basic information and interests of a prospective young associate(in capacities of volunteer, intern or employee)


  • The organization on occasion can employ the help of GCSD to conduct activities with their own objectives and vice versa.


  • The staff of the organization will have access to VEDIKE weekends. On one weekend of every month, GCSD organizes outdoor camps on the campus of VEDIKE Eco-Residential School and Global Living and Learning Centre. This weekend at VEDIKE in rural Bangalore involves activities like planting tree saplings, organic farming, hiking etc.











Registration Details -
A registration fee will be collected from participating individual/organizations in order to ensure the smooth running of YOU(th), Us and Development. The money will be used for the following -

  • To conduct the Job Fair
  • Logistics
  • Administrative Expenses

For Colleges
(The college may opt for any one of these options)
1. If the college would like the fund the students to participate in the Job Fair,

the registration is INR 1000/college therefore enabling any student of that college to participate.


2. The students should pay INR 20/head to enter and participate in the Fair incase their institutions havent registered with us.

3. For NGOs, Research centers etc,

the registration is INR 1000/organization.

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