Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011

 Global Citizens Youth Assembly 

Dates: 18th – 20th August 2011

Venue: Visthar, Bangalore, India


The planet is facing an unprecedented convergence of crises. Climate change, loss of biodiversity and unsustainable consumption of resources are pushing our home to the brink of cataclysmic collapse. Relentless pursuit of prosperity enabled by the competitive capitalist markets is undoubtedly a major reason for this planetary crisis. The existing systems of political leadership and governance based on capitalism have created conditions of extreme poverty, environmental degradation, and hunger. Capitalism was based on the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few, depriving the majority of their fair share of resources. Globalization, the direct result of capitalism, is the new world reality, and it has made the world a village. Under the circumstances, the dominant culture and values are strongly influencing peoples’ attitudes and lifestyles around the world, and are causing the extinction of several cultures. As a result of globalization, and the global problems of environmental degradation and poverty are locally rooted, but are globally concerned. The world leadership has clearly failed to rise up to the challenge of leading the planet in a sustainable manner. At this point of time, it has become clear that Citizens. Citizens’ forums and assemblies have resulted around the world in protest to the failure of governments around the world to take into consideration the interests of citizens and the needs of the planet. Assemblies such as the World Social Forum quickly became a gathering place for civil society, activists, communities, oppressed people and individuals from diverse backgrounds, all motivated to creating a better, more sustainable and equitable world.


Young people represent half of the world’s population, and are very often the worst affected by the decisions of global governments, decisions that affect their future and that are taken without their consultation or consent. They are not only greatly affected by globalization and consumerism, they are also major drivers of globalization, therefore contributing significantly to climate change and unsustainable growth. Youth therefore have a major stake in global governance and in decisions that affect the planet tomorrow. Young people realize this, and are increasingly contributing to positive social change,  through grassroots community based word, to scientific research that enables change. Youth are demanding more opportunities to connect, challenge themselves, and discuss about issues that affect their future, and to have their voices heard.


The Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011 will bring together 1,000 young activists and social change makers from around the world from 18th to 20th August, 2011. The Assembly will consist of plenary sessions consisting of keynote speeches from eminent personalities, theme based workshops, small group discussions, creative arts workshops, cross culture exchanges, informal sessions, field trips and sports sessions. Young people aged 15-30 from all around the world will be invited to participate in the Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011. These young people work on, are affected by and are passionate about a range of issues, such as climate change and global environmental degradation, peace and conflict resolution, poverty, education, employment etc. The Global Citizens Youth Assembly will provide young people with opportunities to engage in positive dialogue with their peers from around the world to discuss these issues that they are passionate about.


The three key themes of the Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011 are as follows.

-Green Economy in the context of poverty eradication and sustainable development


Role of media for social change


Role of youth in achieving the Millennium Development Goals


Green Economy in the context of Poverty eradication and Sustainable development: The theme of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), scheduled to take place from 4th to 6th June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The conference is also known as Rio +20 Earth Summit, due to the initial conference (Earth Summit) held 20 years back in 1992 in Rio. The Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011 will discuss the issues of sustainable development and poverty eradication in the llight of the outcomes of the Rio +20 Earth Summit. This theme reflects the strong linkage between the global economy, that is based on a financial system, and the need for sustaining the natural resources of the planet, which is based on the biological limits of the natural environment and the planet.


Role of Media for Social change: The second theme of the Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011 will be the role of media for social change. In particular, the theme will center around the  need for positive and constructive journalism in facilitating sustainable and equitable development around the world. Media has a very strong role in enabling change, as was evident in the coverage of the pro democracy revolutions in Myanmar, Egypt and Libya. Media also has a  very strong capacity to attract young people through its positive image. Therefore, this theme will focus on the strong need therefore to catalyze media action towards sustainable development.


Role of youth in achieving the Millennium Development Goals: The Millennium Development Goals are a set of eight international sustainable development goals that all the 192 member countries of the UN, and 23 other international organizations have agreed to achieve by the year 2015. They were agreed to in the year 2000, during the historic Millennium Summit in New York, and cover a range of issues such as stopping child and maternal mortality, reversing environmental degradation, developing a global partnership for development, and eradicating extreme poverty.  The Millennium Development Goals represent the complete range of issues that young people around the world are working on.


Expected Outcomes:


Participants are able to constructively participate in the Global Citizens Youth Assembly 2011, and take back new inspiration, energy and learning.


Everybody shares in the cross cultural dialogue and cultural exchange through interacting with citizens from different countries during the Global Citizens Youth Assembly.


REGISTRATION FEES for International participants for all 3 days is a subsidised amount of USD $50 (Rs. 2250) and for Indian participants it is Rs. 1000 - it includes food, accommodation, conference materials and welcome kit).

REGISTRATION FEES for One day is Rs.100 - without accommodation but includes food and conference materials and welcome kit)

PLEASE NOTE, there will be transportation provided for local participants from Hennur Bus Depot at 8 am each day to arrive to the Conference venue and drop them back to Hennur Bus Depot at 6pm.

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