About Us

Youth Organization

GCSD is a youth organization that was established in 2008 and is based in Bangalore, India.  

GSCD's MISSION is to engage and empower children, youth, men and women to sustain communities, cultures and societies while promoting improvement in their social, economic and environmental conditions through the notion of human responsibilities. 

  • GCSD is a platform for children, youth, men and women who are motivated to bring a positive change at a personal, social and ecological level in their individual environments and their respective societies, for the progress of humanity.
  • GCSD believes that every individual has the capacity to change his/her attitude and behaviour and contribute in his/her individual capacity towards creating a responsible, plural and united world.
  • Through all our activities, GCSD aims to foster moral and spiritual values, regardless of caste, colour, religion or gender, and to promote secular human values. 
  • GCSD creates a platform for youth, children, men and women to engage with creativity, innovation and compassion in order to transform the society. 

Key Objectives

1. To develop and implement educational, cultural and economic programmes to empower under-privileged sections of society, such as women, youth, and the urban and rural poor, in order to enhance their social, economic and cultural well being.

2. To promote Cross-Cultural understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures of the world and with focus on Indian life and culture through educational excursions and volunteer work. 

3. To create a society of “Global Citizens” a well-informed and committed group of  young people with a clear vision about intercultural understanding in a world where local and global issues are intertwined and the notion of  “Think Global, Act Local” is promoted through various activities. 

4. To provide educational assistance to deserving children in slums and rural areas and organize programmes for overall development of children in need. 

5. To develop health programs that reaches under-accessed communities and advocate for equality in access to healthcare for these populations.  

6. To promote all manner of cultural activities that will serve to enrich the lives of people in rural and urban areas. 

7. To foster peace initiatives, good governance and sustainable living for bridging gaps.  

Sustainable Development Goals

GCSD was very committed to the Millennium Development Goals and we are now passionate about working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

We understand the global importance of  the SDGs, the impact of our work and the wider role organizations like us have to play in the implementation of the SDGs. We invite you to join us in our journey!

Our Partner Organization


GCSD partners and works with our rural sister organization, VEDIKE, a registered non-government and non-profit organisation (charitable trust) working in rural Bangalore, India.

The VEDIKE mission is, “To transform the lives of underprivileged children, engage in ecologically responsible activities and develop the community through sustainable acts”

To find out more about VEDIKE, please visit www.vedike.org.in