Cross Cultural Dialgoue

Be a Global Citizen!


We started to work on cross-cultural dialogues in 2007, even before GCSD was formally established. In many ways, our cross-cultural dialogues led to establishing Global Citizens for Sustainable Development formally. 

GCSD believes there is a need to create a society of 'Global Citizens'; a well-informed and committed group of young people with a clear vision about the importance of intercultural understanding and the notion of "Think Global, Act Local", in a world where local and global issues are intertwined. 

GCSD has created several platforms, including the China-India Forum, Japan-India Forum, Korea-India Forum, Sri Lanka-India Forum and others, for cross-cultural dialogue and action. Through these platforms, young leaders/citizens have been trained and mentored and are now working towards a responsible, plural and harmonious society in their region. 

We intend to continue working through these forums. If you are interested in joining as a participant or as an organization, contact us and check our events section and/or our facebook page to see if there are any events coming up.

Korea-India Forum


Japan-India Forum



Check out one of our (Korea-India)forum videos!