Join us for our next #GCSDWEBUILD 2019 from 30 June - 14 July!

What is WE BUILD?

WE BUILD is a service learning/ volunteer/ internship program run by GCSD and VEDIKE in June/July and November/December each year. Since 2010, we have build 10 houses for women-headed families, 5 dormitories/classrooms and 1 community kitchen for at-risk children and 27 toilets/bathrooms for underprivileged families.


Join WE BUILD as Volunteer (2 weeks)

Volunteers who are looking for a cultural immersion program in India, a life-changing experience and the opportunity to do something meaningful (through volunteering/ service learning/ experiential learning/ shramadhana - call what you prefer) for two weeks in rural Bangalore, India: this is the right program for you! Volunteers will be involved in hands-on experiences, such as building houses, bathrooms (toilets) and children’s homes for poor communities. They will also have the opportunity to interact with/teach at-risk children.


Join WE BUILD as a university Student (2 or 5 weeks) and seek academic credits!

GCSD and VEDIKE partner with the University at Albany (State University of New York - SUNY) to offer WE BUILD (Study Abroad  in India – Indian Culture, Development Issues and Experiential Learning) as a 5 week, 6 credit Academic Program and with RMIT University to offer WE BUILD as a 2 week a Global Internship opportunity. 

The 5 week program is designed as a co-curricular service-learning model, connecting theory taught in the classroom to its practical application in the world. It will not only give international exposure to students but also engage them in hands-on experiences, such as building houses, bathrooms (toilets) and children’s homes for poor communities. The program will also introduce students to Indian society and culture by focusing on three key areas - culture, peace, and development. It will focus on Global Citizenship and engage students in issues related to children's rights, education, and poverty alleviation. Students will work with at-risk children and be involved in activities such as teaching English, maths, sport and creative arts. They will also discuss, dialogue, facilitate and participate in classes and or/discussion forums. 

The 2 week program also focuses on Global Citizenship and engages participants in issues related to children's rights, education and poverty alleviation. Students will take part in hands-on activities, such as building houses, bathrooms (toilets) and children’s homes for poor communities. They will also have the opportunity to interact with/teach at-risk children. Students will have the opportunity to visit homes and temples in the local village and spend one day exploring Bangalore city. 


How it Started

The Director of GCSD, Mr. John Anugraha was an elected Asia-Pacific representative of the UN-Habitat Youth Advisory Board from 2008 to 2014 and was actively involved in youth mainstreaming and empowerment strategies at the UN-Habitat. He was instrumental in lobbying and advocacy while he attended the UN-Habitat General Council meetings in 2011 and 2013. His passion for youth related work led him to initiate something at the grassroots level, where young people gathered together not only for TALKS but also to ACT as a follow up. He initiated the first WE BUILD in 2010 and since then it has been our regular flagship program.  



Two week volunteer programs:
30 June - 14 July 2019

1-15 December 2019
If you are a group of volunteers or an organization interested in a BUILD project and the above dates don't suit you suit you, write to us at 

Teach in India (Optional)


If you are not up for a BUILD project but would still like to volunteer with us or if you would like to stay on after the BUILD, you can join us for our 2/3 week Teach in India program.


30 June - 14 July (2 weeks)

25 July - 15 Aug 2019 (3 weeks) 

17 Nov - 1 Dec 2019 (2 weeks) 



If you have any further queries feel free to write to us at 

Wondering Why You Should Join?

Make Positive Change


Through the WE BUILD program we continue to empower children and women, through providing access to housing and sanitation. When participating in the WE BUILD program, your interactions with underprivileged children make an impact on their lives immediately and for the future. Your participation in this program also supports the ongoing work of VEDIKE, where you will be living for at least two weeks.  

Double Your Impact


We guarantee a life-changing experience here in India. Through the WE BUILD program, you will not only impact the lives of those less fortunate but also learn and grow as an individual, through developing soft skills like communication and compassion and learning to work together toward a common goal in a new and unfamiliar setting.  You can also earn academic credits through this program and/or an internship certificate.

Global Citizenship & Cultural Immersion


Whether you are plastering the walls of a house or drawing pictures with children, this program provides participants with an exciting and meaningful experience outside their typical setting and routine. You get to explore Incredible India, be a part of a rural community, work with the local and international volunteers/students/interns and see historical and cultural places.

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